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Tours of historic graves at Highland Cemetery have taken place every year for the past four years.  The audience travels around (on wagons or on foot) to the graves of famous individuals and “wakes” them up to hear their story.
The videos below are from the 4th Annual Tour on June 29, 2014.

Paris & Valeria Gibson
Founder of Great Falls & Wife
(Ed Moran & Casey Katsel)


Harry B. Mitchell
Three-time Mayor of Great Falls
(Scott Mitchell, Great Grandson)


Olaf Carl Seltzer
(Austin Haney)


George Montgomery
(Elliot Merja, Nephew)


Sid Willis
Owner of The Mint Saloon
(Richard Baker)


Edwin Norris
Montana Governor
(Dirk Larsen)


Charlie & Nancy Russell
Cowboy Artist & Wife
(Bill & Carol Bronson)


John & Mattie Castner
Belt Entrepreneurs
(Mike Rausch & Deyja Charles)


Ralph Jones
Stack Worker
(Darren Smith)


Soldier’s Plot
Both Union & Confederate Soldiers buried here
(Ken Robinson & Bob Harris)


Lynn Meredith
Secret Service Agent
(Eric Meredith, Son)


Terry Dwyer
Great Falls Tribune Managing Editor
(Tom Kotynski)


Arlene Hooker Fay
(Lori Fay, Daughter)